Air Fryer Cooking Chart

(This is the cooking chart from the Quick Start Guide for the Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer.)

Asparagus1 bunch390 F8-12 min20-25 min2 tspWhole, trimmed
Bacon3 strips350 F8-10 min9-12 minNoneCut in half
Beets6-7 small390 F30-35 min35-40 minNoneWhole
Bell Peppers2 small390 F10-15 min15-20 minNoneWhole
Broccoli1 head390 F8-10 min15-17 min1 tbsp1-inch florets
Brussel Sprouts1 lb400 F15-20 min20-25 min1 tbspHalved, stems removed
Butternut Squash1-1/2 lbs390 F20-25 min35-40 min1 tbsp1- to 2-inch pieces
Carrots1 lb390 F13-16 min25-30 min1 tbsppeeled, 1/2-inch pieces
Cauliflower1 head390 F17-20 min20-25 min2 tbsp1-inch florets
Chicken breasts (bone in)2 breasts (1 to 3 lbs)390 F25-30 min30-35 minBrushed / rubbed
Chicken breasts (boneless)4 breasts (2 to 3 lbs)390 F22-24 min25-28 minBrushed / rubbed
Chicken thighs (bone in)2 thighs (1 to 2 lbs)390 F22-28 min26-29 minBrushed / rubbed
Chicken thighs (boneless)4 thighs (1 to 2 lbs)390 F18-22 min25-28 minBrushed / rubbed
Chicken Nuggets (frozen)12 oz390 F10-13 min18-21 minNone
Chicken Strips (frozen)3 strips400 F18-21 min20-25 minNone
Chicken Wings2 lbs390 F18-22 min43-47 min1 tbsp
Corn on the Cob2 ears390 F12-15 min18-20 min1 tbspHusks removed
Crab Cakes2 cakes (12 to 16 oz)390 F5-10 min10-13 minBrushed
Fish Fillets6 fillets390 F14-16 min17-22 minNone
Fish Sticks18 sticks390 F10-13 min16-19 minNone
French Fries1 lb400 F18-22 min28-32 minNone
French Fries2 lbs400 F32-36 min50-55 minNone
Green beans12 oz390 F8-10 min10-15 min1 tbspTrimmed
Hamburgers2 1/4 lb patties390 F8-10 min10-13 minBrushed80% lean, 1/2 inch thick
Kale (for chips)5 cups300 F7-9 min15-20 minNoneTorn in pieces, stems removed
Lobster Tails4 tails (12 to 16 oz)390 F5-8 min15-18 minNoneWhole
Mozzarella Sticks11 oz375 F8-10 min10-12 minNone
Mushrooms8 oz390 F7-9 min13-15 min1 tbspRinsed, quartered
Onion Rings10 oz375 F13-16 min18-22 minNone
Pork Chops (bone in)2 thick cut chops (20 to 24 oz)390 F15-17 min23-27 minBrushed
Pork Chops (boneless)2 chops (16 oz)390 F14-17 min17-20 minBrushed
Pork Tenderloin1 lb375 F15-20 min25-30 minBrushed
Pot Stickers10.5 oz390 F12-14 min16-18 min1 tbsp
Pizza Rolls20 oz (40 count)390 F12-15 min15-18 minNone
Popcorn Shrimp14 to 16 oz390 F9-11 min14-18 minNone
Potatoes (wedges)1-1/2 lbs400 F20-22 min35-38 min1 tbsp1-inch wedges
Potatoes (thin fries)1 lb400 F20-24 min30-35 min1/2 to 3 tbsp, CanolaSee note below*
Potatoes (thick fries)1 lb400 F19-24 min35-40 min 1/2 to 3 tbsp, Canola See note below*
Potatoes3 whole (6 to 8 oz)400 F30-35 min37-40 minNoneStuck with fork 3x
Potatoes, Sweet1-1/2 lbs400 F15-20 min30-35 min1 tbsp1-inch chunks
Potatoes, Sweet3 whole (6 to 8 oz)400 F36-42 min40-45 minNoneStuck with fork 3x
Potatoes, Sweet (frozen)1 lb390 F20-22 min30-32 minNone
Salmon fillets3 fillets (12 oz)400 F7-12 min13-17 minBrushedNone
Sausages5 count390 F7-10 min17-22 minNone
Shrimp1 lb390 F7-10 min10-13 min1 tbspWhole, peeled, tails on
Steak2 steaks (16 oz)390 F10-20 min14-18 minBrushedWhole
Tater Tots1 lb375 F18-22 min25-27 minNone
Zucchini1 lb390 F15-18 min25-28 min1 tbspquartered lengthwise, 1-inch pieces

*For homemade fries: After cutting potatoes, soak in cold water for 30+ minutes to remove excess starch. Pat dry, removing as much water as possible.

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