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Granny and her cookbook – June 16, 2019

Over the last 60+ years, Norma Jean (a.k.a. “Granny”) has been collecting recipes from various sources (magazines, periodicals, cookbooks, etc). There’s really no telling just how many she has–honestly, I don’t think it would be a stretch to estimate that they number in the thousands.

Around 2012, Granny decided to put together her own collection of her favorite and most-used recipes from over the years to send to her kids and grandkids. She painstakingly clipped and arranged them onto pages that could be photocopied, and placed them into three-ring binders. Inside the front cover, she left a note expressing her desire that this be a “living” cookbook–that we should continue to add to it as we find and create recipes our families enjoy. On the front, she wrote “Easterling Family Recipes”.

When I showed Granny the site shortly after I’d started building it, her face broke into a big smile, and she told me how much she liked it. I told her that I was a little relieved. Not that I thought she would be (honestly, I don’t think Granny has a selfish bone in her body), but there was always a chance that she would be upset with me for putting our cookbook out there for everyone to see. She shook her head and, with a big smile, said, “Great recipes are meant to be shared,” and on that, we definitely agree.

So again, welcome our recipes site! It’s definitely still a work-in-progress, but in the spirit that Granny first created her “Easterling Family Recipes” cookbooks, I truly hope that it always will be.

  • Tim the Younger, May 23, 2019

A few notes:

As previously stated, many of these recipes were pulled from other sources. When possible, I’ve credited the source or provided links; unfortunately, most of them simply don’t have enough info to tell where they came from. While visiting our site, if you happen to find an uncredited recipe and you know the source, please let me know so that I can update the post to give credit where it is due.

None of us are professionally-trained chefs (Granny included), so there may be incorrect terms used (like sweating where it should say wilting, a mistake I have already made personally). If you see something like that, feel free to call it out in the comments, and I’ll update when I can.

November 11, 2019: I just came across this 2013 article from the Baptist Courier in which Granny shares how the family cookbook came to be.