The Delights: An Explanation

Granny and I apparently both find flow charts extremely useful, as she evidenced by this recipe… well, recipes really. In one page, Granny has provided the instructions to make lemon delight in two sizes, lemon delight sugarless, banana delight, chocolate delight, and a lemon sauce that can be used to top several desserts. In addition, one of the components for this seems to involve making quite a bit more of it than is actually needed to make one batch of any of them. While I love the way she has been able to make this “one” recipe so very versatile, it’s been quite a challenge trying to figure out how to present this in a non-tabular, non-graphical format (though I did spend an hour or so trying to figure out a way to lay it out in MS Excel so that it was easy to use). Ultimately, I decided to just break it out into separate recipes. I also decided to alter the Lemon Pie Filling Mix so that what you end up making is closer to what you’ll need for one batch, meaning that it isn’t a 100% exact match. (Cut me some slack–nobody wants to use a recipe that calls for 27 teaspoons of an ingredient, which is the kind of thing that I would have had to do to get the mix exactly as they are for the larger batch.) I did, however, post her original recipe, so if you’re cool with making more than you’ll need, use hers instead of mine. Anyway, there’s my disclaimer, and I hope you enjoy.

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